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              歡迎來到漳州萬力機械有限公司網站 !
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              Ultrasound refers to sound frequencies than the human ear can hear frequencies (15K or more), we put the ultrasonic sound waves into mechanical waves, and applied to the food factory automation food cutting This cutting machine immediately invested in the food industry to give greater repercussions is now slowly changing traditional food producers cutting mode, is about to introduce about the advantages of ultrasonic cutting machine: Ultrasonic food cutting machine: can not be cut cutter cutting ordinary foods, such as frozen foods, with sticky food, the volatility of food, easy to moldy food, toughness strong food. Ultrasonic cutter has the following features, it will not stick a knife at work, does not make the food jump edge distortion, it is very neatly cut facets (such as cakes, soft bread, and other foods easily deformed) It can be NC control, can automatically cut out various shapes of foods such as (sandwich cake bread, box cakes, sliced ??bread, Swiss roll cake, date cake, etc.), and can be fully automated cutting on the production line, high yield.
              Ultrasonic cutter there is a big bright spot is that this knife is not easy when you work with a knife surface bacteria, easy to moldy food for cutting this section will not be infected than other cutter mold should be regularly disinfected to convenient and clean Health.