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              歡迎來到漳州萬力機械有限公司網站 !
              為您做更有品質的食品機械 品質先行 信譽至上 客戶為本

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              地址: 福建省漳州龍海市東園工業區
              聯系人:黃工程師 135-5966-5323
              聯系人:蔡工程師 136-0501-0844








              Zhangzhou Wanli Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in June 2013, is located in Long Hai Dong Industrial Park in Zhangzhou City, specializes in manufacturing high-tech food machinery, provide a new way to produce models for the food business, such as the recent ultrasonic food cutting machine , can cut a variety of shapes, as well as high-speed automatic with ultrasonic cleaning and sterilization hand mixer, beat eggs This machine not only can replace artificial eggs dozen skimmers work, and the speed and fast, but also can not beat eggs automatically Full surface cleaning and disinfection of food safety in production made no small contribution. Has been sent and automatic inflatable machine, thermal transfer coders, and this year is the development of a food sterilization equipment, sterilization equipment This will be a new sterilization methods, once the research is successful, it will completely change the existing food production model, please look forward to it.


                Our aim is to: the quality of imports, making homemade equipment.

                Our dream is: Let China's various types of food away from preservatives.


              Our video case and Case can enter our official website to view


                Website: www.cityjob.com.cn

                Alibaba address:http://shop1429980468339.1688.com